[2014 update] Abki Baar Hamara Adhikar

24 Dec

Introduction: Soon after coming to power the new Government started attacking people’s hard won rights. What the previous govt. had started doing by shoddy implementation of pro people’s legislations like MNREGA, new Land Acquisition Act, Forest Rights Act, National Food Security Act etc., the current government furthered by attacking these very legislations. In response, several people’s movements and campaigns initiated a process of coming together. Government’s policy of ‘Less Government’ meant withdrawal or weakening of basic social services and social protection for working people. JJSS members were directly affected by these changes and became an active participant to the process. A massive rally of more than fifteen thousand people was organized at Jantar Mantar on 2nd December,2014 under the banner of Abki Baar Hamara Adhikar. The 2nd December 2014 mobilisation on the streets of Delhi was the first big response nationally to the present Government’s anti people policies relating to cuts in social sector expenditure, changing laws favouring resource loot and cheap labour as well as against the aggressive agenda of Hindutva that the RSS is operationalizing all over the country. More than one hundred groups joined the forum and presented an alternative development agenda and demands that these groups have nurtured through decades of work with people. You can read the draft statement of the Abki Baar Hamara Adhikar here.

You can also be part of the process. Please visit our page for more details.

JJSS mobilized about two thousand five hundred saathis from North Bihar, who participated in the Massive Rally organized under the banner of Abki Baar Hamara Adhikar. Read how Shivnarayan, a full time karyakarta of JSSS, responded to the call given by major people’s movements of the country (click here to read).

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